Monday, 29 August 2011

Beef...the new 'Hard Currency'!!

Let's Feed the Chinese the 

best beef in the world!!

The new 'HARD CURRENCY' is BEEF (READ MEAT PROTEIN), the 'INVESTMENT CENTRE' is MERCOSUR (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay & Uruguay) and the exploding market to satisfy is CHINA!

Are you concerned about where to put your money in this uncertain market? About a double dip recession? Is GOLD really a safe haven @ US $1,900/ounce? Way overpriced I would say!!

In 2020, the Chinese will spend nearly $1,000 billion a year on food, up from $350 billion a year in 2010, according to The Boston Consulting Group. As their incomes rise, the Chinese are less interested in buying grains and more interested in more expensive purchases like meat!! Beef consumption, for example, has much more than doubled in the last 10 years; in the next five years, it’s predicted to double again.

The study also revealed trends occurring with Chinese consumers. There is a significant exodus underway from rural areas to urban areas — a trend that will add another 220 cities of more than 1 million residents in the next 15 years — where there are more choices of high-quality foods and where consumers eat more meals away from home. McDonald’s is a popular choice: China has 1,300 McDonald’s restaurants and plans to build 700 more in the next two years.

There are 1.3 billion Chinese and already they rank among the world’s biggest meat eaters. They consume over a third of the world’s beef, half the world’s poultry and two-thirds of the world’s pork!!

Finally you should also increase your red meat intake!! 
Consider the following:
  1. Studies indicate that, if our ancestors had not eaten red meats, the brain of humans would be1/4 of its present size! During human evolution, our adaptation to red meat and the vital protein and fats it provides, is one of the KEY reasons behind the rapid growth in our intelligence and brain capacity.. without meat we still would be living in the trees eating bananas!
  2. In regions where people have the longest lifespan, the diet is based almost exclusively on meat of ruminant animals and cultured dairy products.
  3. Protein in beef provides plenty of building blocks for our body, ensuring strong lean muscles and healthy hormones.
  4. Red meat is an excellent source of vital minerals like zinc, iron, and magnesium. In meat, these minerals exist in form that is much easier for the body to absorb compared to the minerals in grains and pulses.
  5. Vitamin B12, which can be obtained ONLY from animal sources and which is abundant in beef, is crucial for a healthy nervous system and blood.
  6. The carnitine in red meat is essential for balanced and steady functioning of the heart.
  7. Beef is rich in linoleic and palmiotelic acids, which have strong anticancer effects and fight viruses and other pathogens.
I'm ready, willing and able to help the Chinese taste the best grass-fed beef coming from my property and those of my fellow cattle ranchers. 

This is the only 'sustainable' way of raising cattle, i.e. on grass! Grass-fed beef is even good for the environment , big grasslands areas that exist in the tropical and sub-tropical areas of the MERCOSUR countries can certainly feed the world...without using the 'unsustainable' intensive system of 'corn fed feedlots'.  

Grass is to feed cattle and corn to feed humans...simple!!



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